McCoubrey Property Management

Business Support Case Study

Matthew McCoubrey - McCoubrey Property Management

Meet the new business supported by Ards Business Hub: McCoubrey Property Management


Newtownards man Matthew McCoubrey spent 20 years in the building trade before deciding to set up his own business in November 2021.


Matthew had been doing a range of jobs for years, helping homeowners maintain the interior and exterior of their properties and two years ago he made the decision to go out on his own. He offers assistance maintaining and improving the home, including repairs and painting and decorating and much more.


He contacted Louise Davidson from the Go For It programme at Ards Business Hub, who gave him the advice he needed to start and run his own business.


“I’m now working six or seven days a week, as word of mouth has been excellent for my business. Twenty years of experience working in construction has given me the skills to do a really good job. I believe that preparation is one of the most important factors in producing good quality work,” he said.


What he said about the business start programme at Ards Business Hub:


“I decided to contact the team at Ards Business Hub to find out about Go For It and I received a lot of help in how to register the business and put all the legal requirements in place. I learned how to balance my books and get them ready to send to my accountant.


“Staff at Ards Business Hub have been helping me with the social media side of things, how to promote my business using the available channels. I have been in constant contact with them and it has been brilliant.


“They have been a great help and have made life a lot easier for me.”


What we say:


Ards Business Hub Chief Executive, Nichola Lockhart said: “Matthew is using his 20 years of experience in the building trade to ‘build’ an excellent new business. His attention to detail and willingness to learn all of the tools to setting up and running a new company means he has built a secure foundation for the future. We look forward to seeing how his business grows and thrives in the years to come.”


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