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Our Tenant Case Study: People HQ

Meet our business: People HQ Ltd


Greg Quinn started People HQ, a consultancy offering expert Human Resources and Recruitment solutions, in 2019. Greg wanted to share his 25 years of HR leadership experience working in industry and has been adding value to clients such as Linden Foods, Dale Farm, Downeys Cars, On Track Technicians and Avondale Foods.


People HQ take a holistic approach to business and people strategy, helping their clients by providing ‘HR Solutions’ that support business owners and senior management teams. Services offered include Fractional HR Director Support to help develop and deliver a HR Strategy, Retained HR Support to support day to day HR matters, Management Development Programmes and HR Best Practice Workshops to help build capability across teams. Recruitment support is offered for key salaried roles.


Greg and his team know that its ‘people’ that makes a business great, hence the name People HQ!


“People are at the heart of everything we do. Our aim is to help businesses achieve their goals by offering a full service that supports the team. Each client has a different requirement; be it recruiting the best talent, providing on-going support to businesses that don’t have an HR department or developing a growing management team. We look at what each business needs and see how we can help them get the best for and from their people.” he said.


What they say about Ards Business Hub:


People HQ originally had an office in the centre of Newtownards but wanted a larger space to give them room to grow. “We had been searching for just the right location. When a unit came up in Sketrick House in Ards Business Hub in October 2022, I was delighted. It is exactly what we need as the business grows,” Greg said.


“I particularly like the meeting and conference rooms, which are ideal for our training work. The centre is very professional; it creates a strong impression for our clients and enhances our own brand,” he added.


What we say:


Nichola Lockhart, CEO of Ards Business Hub, said: “Greg and his associates have a wealth of experience in the HR and Recruitment industry.  They take a people-centric approach and adapt to the needs of their clients. Their expertise and understanding of how to support teams and develop talent are invaluable to their clients.”


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