Monty & Carlo

Business Support Case Study

Monty & Carlo - Gary Patterson

Gary Patterson, the founder of Monty & Carlo, embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in October 2023. Although it’s still early days, he has found the experience of starting his own business exhilarating.


Motivated by a health scare and driven by a strong work ethic, Gary was inspired by a documentary on global waste and his two daughters’ passion for making a positive impact on the environment. He believed that an individual could make a difference, and he set out to prove this through his business.


Monty & Carlo is an independent clothing brand with a strong focus on sustainability. Their ecommerce website offers quality organic clothing, with the circular economy at its core. Gary’s commitment to sustainability and his desire to create a positive environmental impact are evident in every aspect of his business.


During his entrepreneurial journey, Gary received valuable support for his business from Ards Business Hub. This support provided him with a solid foundation of knowledge, giving him the confidence to grow his business independently. The support he received acted as a stepping stone, helping him develop his business idea and providing him with essential knowledge and tools.


Reflecting on his experience, Gary shares a piece of advice he wishes he had known earlier: “Keep it simple – don’t over complicate your idea.” He emphasises the importance of breaking down your business goals into achievable steps, celebrating small successes along the way. Gary also encourages small business owners not to fear making mistakes but rather to learn from them and keep moving forward.


When asked about his top tip for aspiring entrepreneurs, Gary urges them to just get started. He highlights the importance of taking that first step, learning as you progress, and not trying to cover every eventuality before launching. “You learn more by just doing it!” he states.


Gary appreciates the opportunities that come with running a business in the Ards and North Down area. While Monty & Carlo operates primarily online, the support and guidance he received from Ards Business Hub were instrumental in building his confidence and laying the foundation for his business. He emphasises the importance of information and research, urging aspiring entrepreneurs to gather knowledge and dive into their ventures.


Currently, Gary’s main challenge lies in gaining brand recognition in the vast online world. However, he is determined to tackle this challenge head-on. To continue building his business, he seeks support in social media marketing to raise awareness and is focused on embracing confidence in what he has created and not being afraid to shout about it.


Gary’s journey with Monty & Carlo is an inspiring testament to the power of individual action and the impact it can have on the world. Through his commitment to sustainability and his drive to make a difference, he is set to create a successful business that resonates with customers who share his values.



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