5 Reasons You Should Become an Entrepreneur

Five Reasons You Should Become An Entrepreneur

By Anne Murphy, Business Advisor

  1. Control your work-life balance

Let’s face it. You are so passionate and excited about your business you will likely put in way more hours than you intended. However, it’s YOUR CHOICE, YOUR RULES TO BREAK and YOUR REWARD to enjoy. Having flexibility is often enough to make it feel like you have the balance you want.


  1. Do it your way

No more half measures to meet unrealistic targets or time constraints. No more sloppy service or old fashioned techniques.  Running your own business means you get to decide on what you want your customer experience to be. But, don’t forget to listen to customer feedback and make sure it’s the experience they want.


  1. Learning never stops

Whether it’s planning a new product, developing a new process, bringing in your first employee or getting a new piece of software, you are always learning and developing in your company.  From informal desk research, information you pick up from networking, talking with a supplier or from customer feedback, to taking your skills to the next level with executive learning or gaining a qualification, you are always developing your skills and experience. It’s empowering!


  1. Financial Independence

Getting your business started may take a little time to fly but once off the ground you have the opportunity to set your own limits. Some business owners scale up, export or develop new products to grow their business.  Others plan from conception to sell their business to make their fortunes. 


  1. Personal fulfilment

When you start your own business, your skills, experience, drive and ambition all come together to make something amazing – a sense of achievement. Nothing is more fulfilling than feeling like you have created something that is valuable to others and enhances their lives in some way.


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